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What is Jizake?

Jizake, Literally meaning "regional or local sake", are premium imported sake brewed by independent micro-breweries often located in rural countrysides of Japan.

Sake is the essence of traditional Japanese culture. Now, the culture of Japan can be enjoyed in a variety of ways through Sake cocktails. Because Sake is a gentle and delicate mixer, easily and harmoniously blending an earthy dry, yet delicate flavour it has become the latest trend all around the world. With there being several varieties of body, flavor, and distinct characteristics, the popularity of Sake as well as Sake cocktails will continue to grow.

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What is SHOCHU ?

Shochu, pronounced "show-choo", is a colorless, Japanese spirit made from high starch grains and vegetables such as millet, buckwheat, molasses, sweet potatoes, rice, barley, and sugar cane.