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Sake as an Accompaniment to Food


Sake obviously tastes good with Japanese and Chinese cuisine, but can it also be drunk with Western meals?

Yes, sake is an ideal beverage to accompany almost any of the world's cuisines, regardless of the ingredients of style of preparation. That's why it's often served at French and Italian restaurants in Japan.

Sake both enhances the taste of ingredients and, at the same time, softens the strong smell of meat and seafood. It's consequently widely used for preparing and seasoning both Japanese and Western dishes.

Try sake with various foods along with beer and wine. You're sure to discover new sake tastes and flavors every time you try it with a new dish.

Tempura Recipe

  • Ingredients
    Green pepper
    Sweet potato
    Cabocha(Japanese pumpkin)
    Shiitake Mushrooms

Tempura Batter
1 Egg
1cup of Water
1cup of Flour

Prepare the ingredients. (Cut into 3/4 inch in thickness.)
Mix tempura batter ingredients.
Heat vegetable oil in a deep pan to 340-350F degree.
Lightly dip ingredients in the batter and immediately fry them until brown. It takes longer to fry vegetables than to fry seafood.
Drain tempura on a rack.
Serve right away with tentsuyu (tempura dipping sauce) or salt.

Tempura is best served hot.
Grated daikon radish is a common condiment.

Sake Coctail Recipes

Sake is the essence of traditional Japanese culture. Now, the culture of Japan can be enjoyed in a variety of ways through Sake cocktails. Because Sake is a gentle and delicate mixer, easily and harmoniously blending an earthy dry, yet delicate flavour it has become the latest trend all around the world. With there being several varieties of body, flavor, and distinct characteristics, the popularity of Sake as well as Sake cocktails will coninue to grow.

Fuji Sunset

Sake 50ml
Maraschino 25ml
Liqueur 25ml
LemonJuice 25ml

Mix ingredients and shake well with ice Then strain into a chilled 140ml champagne saucer

Sake Cooler

4 oz. Sake
4 oz. Soda water
Lemon slice

Simply mix the Sake and Soda. Pour into a glass.

Eager Ninja

15ml Sake
15ml Midori
15ml Malibu
15ml Pineapple Juice
5ml Blue Curacao
5 ml Raspberry Cordial

Shake and strain the Sake, Midori, Malibu, and Pineapple juice. Then Pour into a glass. Finally, sink the Blue Curacao and Raspberry coridal into the glass.

Green Geisha

4 oz. Sake
1 oz. KeyLime Liquor
Slice of lime

Blend Sake and Keke Beach Keylime Liqueor into a blender. Then, pour into a glass.

String of Pearls

3 oz. Sake
2 oz. Pearl Vodka
one Pearl Onion

Simply mix the Sake with the Pearl Vodka.

Banzai Tea

4 oz. of Sake
Splash of Gran Marnier
Splash of Sweet & Sour
Splash of Coke

Simply mix the Sake with a splash of Gran Marnier, Sweet & Sour, and Coke.

Electric Lemonade

1 1/2oz Sake
Slice of lemon

Mix the Sake with Lemonade and a splash of 7-UP. Pour over ice in a glass.


4oz Sake

Simply garnish this cocktail with a cucumber slice and enjoy.

Sake Sunrise

1 1/2oz Sake
Orange Juice
Maraschino Cherry

Mix the Sake with Orange Juice and add a splash of 7-UP. Pour into a glass of ice. Pour in Grenadine over the top.

Screaming Ninja

1oz Sake
1oz Jagermeister
1oz Rumplemintz

Simply mix the Sake, Jagermeister, and Rumplemintz and pour into a glass.

Sake Latte

2oz Sake
2oz Coffee Liqueor

Mix the Sake with the Coffee Liqueor. Pour over ice in a glass.

Cherry Blossom

2oz Sake

Simply mix the Sake with a splash of Grenadine and pour into a wine glass with salt on the rim.


2oz Sake
1oz Vodka or Gin
Cucumber or Olive

Mix the Sake with the Vodka or Gin.

Scarlet Beginia

2oz Sake
1oz Cranberry Juice
1oz Apple Juice
Lime Juice

Mix the Sake with the Cranberry Juice and the Apple Juice. Splash it with Lime Juice and pour over ice.

Proud Mary

3oz Sake
4oz Tomato Juice
Tabasco Sauce
Worcestershire Sauce
Spanish Olives
Celery Stalk

Mix the Sake with the Tomato Juice. Add 2 drops of Tabasco Sauce, 3 drops of Worcestershire Sauce, squeeze of lime, salt, and pepper.